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Hello, Craft friends. Accessibility is the unofficial theme of issue 98. Thanks to news about Domino’s Pizza, the US-based fast-food chain, you’ll find many links on the subject. Of course, Andrew Welch has written about the topic. His post was mention in issue 45 of the newsletter and is an excellent place to start your reading.

We also have the latest Craft releases and other Craft-related news, handy tips for users who spend time in the Craft control panel, a trio of links from Piotr, other tips, articles, and plugins.

As always, if you’ve got a Craft-related link to share, visit the submit page.

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Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Tip: SHIFT+SPACE to see Assets fullscreen ⭐️

In Discord, Ben shared a great tip. There is no link to share, but the tip is too good not to include here.

As the title of this entry says, in the control panel, you can select a single asset then press shift + space to have a full-screen preview of your asset displayed.

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Tip: Double-click the green dot for quick edits ⭐️

Daryl mentioned a Craft control panel tip in Discord worth sharing. When you see a list of entries, you can double-click the green dot and open a quick edit modal window.

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That's a big database you've got there.

Discussion about an oversized database brought up some potential solutions in Discord recently. For example, you can run the garbage collector to clear out soft deletes and pending users with this command:

./craft gc/run


./craft gc --delete-all-trashed=1

You'll want to read the documentation on Craft garbage collection. (As always, have backups of your database for safekeeping.)

Another link to check on an oversized database was this post. It has details on the entryversionerrors and entrydrafterrors tables and when it's safe to remove them manually. On this page, specifically, look at Brandon's reply here.

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SEO tools

Again In Discord, there was a discussion about SEO tools that let you compare site structures. People shared different SEO tools and services they've used. Here are some links mentioned in that discussion.

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Perfecting your technique


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Yii, Twig, PHP & More

It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.