The Dot All after-issue with more #CraftCMS news, tips, & links than should be allowed in a newsletter.

Hello Craft friends! If you made it to Dot All in Montréal, I hope we were able to say hello in person. If you were not there, fear not. This issue is packed with news from the conference.

We start this issue with Brandon’s slides from the keynote. Later in the issue, you’ll find links to many slides from Dot All presentations below. (Video links coming soon!)

There are several links with attendees helpfully sharing their impressions of the conference. As always, there are general Craft tips, plugins, and other goodies.

This issue is so packed, I didn't mention P&T's new office or find room to share all the great Dot All photos. (See what I did there!)

As always, if you’ve got a Craft-related link to share, visit the submit page.

Thank you to this issue’s sponsors.

Need responsive images? Of course, you do. ImageOptimize by NYStudio 107 has got you covered whether you're using Craft's built-in image transforms or a service like Imgix.

Freeform, the form plugin by Solspace, now includes table support along with a host of other handy field types. Check it out before you tackle your next form.

Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Craft 4 upgrade path for Super Table and Neo

In Discord (message 626359463263207424) on Sept 25, Brandon casually mentioned, “We're actually planning on writing built-in migrators for both Super Table and Neo so it all gets converted to Matrix fields as part of the Craft 4 upgrade.”

That's rather cool.

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Perfecting your technique


Plugged In

The Craft Advantage

Easiest CMS

On Discord @dwhoban shared this client reaction to their new Craft site:

Just launched a new site and got this feedback about Craft: "We can hold a training session next week – it’s the easiest CMS I’ve ever used so shouldn’t be an issue."

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An absolute mess

Corey Nicolaides (aka @nclds) shared a note on Discord from a past client who recently went to a different company:

"Soooo, these guys use WP. It's an absolute mess. I will sell this job for you if you'll redesign and put us in Craft."

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It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.