Prepping for Dot All, Craft CMS news, tips on the QL, plugins and more.

Dot All is this week so the top story in this issue is the schedule of events. There are many great presentations on the calendar but spending time with the Craft community is going to be the big draw. I hope to see you there!

Additional highlights in this issue include new Craft CMS support plans, a host of GraphQL links, other Craft CMS tips, and plenty of new plugins.

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Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Available template variables in Twig

In Craft Discord, Ben Parizek reminded us of a useful Twig code snippet that will show the variables available to your template. Bookmarked.

{{ dump(_context|keys) }}
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Temporarily disable a module in Craft 3

Ben Parizek mentioned another handy tip on how to temporarily disable a custom module.

Open your config/app.php file and comment out your custom module where it is loaded on the bootstrap line.

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