The issue about Craft 3.2 and more.

Welcome to another issue of Craft Link List. Since the previous issue, Craft 3.2 has been released. The update brings a number of new features. Check out both links in the Top Stories section to get up to speed on the new newness.

As always, you’ll also find Craft tips, plugins and other webdev links in the issue. If you’ve got a link to recommend for a future issue, visit the link submission page.

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DotAll 2019, the official Craft CMS conference, is coming to Montreal this September. Check out the amazing line-up of speakers.

Freeform 3.2 breaks the mold with what a form plugin can do. Using the relations parameter lets your Freeform-created form become a comment field, a rating field and more. Learn more here.

Let’s hit the links,

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Top Stories


About the Craft Discord channels

Have you been in the Craft Discord group and wondered about the purpose of each channel? Wonder no more thanks to the new “welcome message” excerpted below.

If you're not on the Craft Discord yet, here's a post on the Craft site with info on joining the community.

Community channels:

  • #general – This is for general watercooler chatter. (Not the best place to get help!)
  • #show-and-tell – Did you just launch something cool with Craft? Show it off to the community here.

Channels for getting help

  • #learning-craft – If you’re new to Craft and still getting familiar with it, this is the best place to get help.
  • #craft3-help – This is the main help channel for working with Craft.
  • #craft3-extend – For help building new plugins or modules.
  • #plugin-help – For help working with plugins.
  • #commerce2-help – For help working with Craft Commerce.
  • #testing – For help writing tests for a project or plugin.

Off-topic channels:

  • #front-end – Front-end development.
  • #devops – Deployments, infrastructure, and other DevOps topics.
  • _#shop-talk – It’s business time.
  • #tools – The tools of the trade.
  • #random – For stuff that’s a little too off-topic, even for #general.

Brandon also mentioned:

Also please keep in mind that [Discord] is not an official Craft support channel. We do our best to help when we can, but if you really need our help, you’re best off emailing [email protected].

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Plugin Store fix for faster page loads

There was a slow-down in the plugin store about a week ago. It's fixed now, but the issue is one most of us are familiar with: a bigger-than-expected uploaded image. In the case of the plugin store, there were a few SVG icon files for plugins that got added to the system that needed to be optimized. Fixed now. All good.

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

About making the headless preview work in 3.2

Craft 3.2 is out. Some of the docs are still filling in with detail though.

One question that's come up is about making the headless preview work. Here's some sample JS that Brandon posted in Discord.

// Get the preview token from the URL
let m = document.location.href.match(/\btoken=([^&]+)/);
let token = m ? m[1] : '';

// Then forward that on whenever you are sending an API request
// the 'url' below is the Element API request URL
let url = `...?token=${token}`;
// ...
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Perfecting your technique


Plugged In

It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.