Content Builders, Craft CMS + Tailwind, the 3.2 Beta, plugins and more

Welcome to another issue of Craft Link List. This issue is packed with great links about Craft thanks to the prolific Craft community.

We have two posts coming from Craft Meetups. Deploying Craft CMS with Deployer comes from the London Craft Meetup, and Creating Connected Content comes from Craft CMS Manchester. Do you have slides or videos from your Meetup? Have you written or found a Craft related link? If so, submit a link here.

This issue also has links on Tailwind+Craft, tips on building better content builders, smart Craft coding tips, and more.

Thanks to the sponsor of this issue, Solspace. They've just released Freeform 3 with an impressive list of updates. There's also an upgrade guide when you update from the previous version.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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