Craft Link List 86: A peek at #craftcms 3.2, tips, plugins and more.

Welcome to another edition of Craft Link List. The content comes from the Craft community. If you've got a link to share, head over the submit a link page.

This issue brings news of Craft acquiring a popular third-party plugin and making it free for everyone. The Craft 3.2 alpha is out and showing some promising new features. There are more links to great Craft tips and plugins too.

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Dot All 2019 is official. Mark your calendar for Sept 18-20 in Montreal. Tickets go on sale this week. Get details here.

Solspace Calendar is the battle-tested solution to create events in Craft, from simple to complex. See its extensive feature list here.

And thanks to Jalen Davenport for help on this issue!

Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Can’t execute a ./craft command?

If you're relatively new to the command line, trying to execute the ./craft command may give you an error; it's possible that craft is not an executable file in your file system. The following command will make it executable.

chmod +x craft

h/t to Jalen

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Tip: Buying license for your clients

Andrew had a great suggestion in Discord for how you can buy Craft CMS and plugin licenses for your clients.

Create a CraftID for your client and allow them to manage their licenses. You can buy everything initially, and then before the handover, transfer the licenses to their CraftID.

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