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Welcome to another collection of Craft links. Links about selling Craft to your clients. Links with news and updates. Links with tips, plugins and more. The Craft community comes through once again.

Every issue starts completely blank though. If you've written something Craft-related, head over to the link submission page.

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Selling Craft to Your Clients

The Craft CMS site and documentation keeps getting better. Here’s proof.

A question was recently asked in Discord for some links to help sell Craft to a potential client. Instead of links to various places around the web, the best stuff is now collected right on the main Craft site. The posts should get you started selling your next Craft site to your clients.

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Perfecting your technique


Plugged In

Plugins, the Plugin Store, and future versions of Craft

There was a good discussion in the #plugin channel Feb 22-23, 2019 about how plugins and the plugin store will be handled as Craft moves through major updates.

What happens to a Craft 3 plugin that isn't updated to Craft 4? Can developers disable plugins in the store? What about plugins that still work and are actively used that are no longer supported by the developer?

Now that we’re using Discord instead of Slack, the history of conversations isn't lost behind a paywall. You do have to be a member of the Craft Discord group, which is free to join.

This conversation kicked off around here.

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It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.