Craft next steps, Discord, Migrating to Craft, and more

It's been an active couple weeks in the Craft CMS world. The inaugural Dot One conference is a wrap. The Craft Slack group has been replaced by Discord. Plus, we have glimpses of future Craft releases.

Migration from other CMS’s to Craft CMS seems to be a theme. In addition to this old chestnut, be sure to check the links in the Perfecting Your Technique section. Also, there are new plugins that you'll want to check out.

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FFFields, i.e. fabulous front-end forms, is the new plugin from the creator of Spoon. Learn about it here.

Solspace Freeform has new guides for getting up and running quickly. Check them out here.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

A word about backups

Nevin Lyne (the person behind Arcustech,) and Andrew Welch shared some great tips is a #devops discussion on backups that are worth mentioning here again.

From Nevin:

The first rule of backups is to have more than one type, through the use of different technologies. Disk snapshots, file/db level off server, and off-site/different vendor backups. The more important the data is, the more unique forms/locations of backups should be made, within reason of course, that you monitor and possibly even test recovery on a schedule, again within reason based on the importance of the data.

From Andrew:

You need to do recovery dry runs so that when the 💩hits the fan, you: 1) Know what you need to do 2) Know all of the data you need to restore is properly backed up

Also, check out Andrew's post on backups if you've missed that or need a refresher.

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As of Craft 3.1, volumes.php unneeded

Brandon recently said "volumes.php isn't needed anymore in Craft 3.1 thanks to CP settings now supporting environment variables when appropriate. If you still want a volumes.php, at least switch from getenv('VAR') to '$VAR'"

He went on to add, "only the settings that support environment variables in the CP will also support the '$VAR' syntax... there's no reason not to use a volumes.php file (we aren't deprecating it, at least as of now)... just not as much of a reason to do it anymore."

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