The Craft graph, updates-a-go-go, tips, plugins and more.

Have you checked out the Craft usage numbers lately lately? Impressive.

This graph, Craft’s 1,500 stars on Github, plus the increased activity in the Craft Slack jobs channel all suggest a bright future for Craft developers. Want more? Check out the 5,213 sites link in The Craft Advantage section.

In this jam-packed issue, you'll find recent updates for both Craft 3.1.x and Craft 3.0.x. The Craft community has come through once again with more tips, plugins and more. There are also numerous links to the expanding Craft Guides section in the docs.

Did you create a Craft tool, post or plugin? Submit your link suggestion here. ✏️

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fortrabbit is an official Craft hosting partner. When you choose them to host your site, Craft-expertise is part of the package. Check them out.

Solspace Freeform Payments adds the ability to collect payment through Craft using Freeform. It’s now just $59.

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-John Morton

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See what files changed on your server in past 24 hours

Recently in Slack, a user reported a denial of service attack on a site. After it was over, one suggestion was to run the following command on the server to see what files changed in the past 24 hours.

find /directory_path -mtime -1 -ls

Still concerned about the safety of your server? If you're on Nginx, check out Andrew's recently updated Nginx config for Craft which has some protections you can add to your basic config. This deep-link highlights customization to stop bots trying to login to a non-existent Wordpress admin panel on your Craft site.

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