Craft CMS in 2019, plus a glance back at 2018.

We made it! 2018 is behind us. Welcome to a new year.

A busy holiday season didn't derail the prolific Craft community. That means we’ve got another issue of great posts, plugins and more to kick off 2019.

Before we get too far into this issue, if you’re near Portland, Oregon, there is a Craft CMS meet up on Jan 17. If you're in the neighborhood, see some of your Craft friends in person.

Thank you to this issue’s sponsors.

Spoon is a Craft 3 plugin that helps you create beautifully tailored matrix blocks for your clients.

Freeform is the go-to form builder for Craft CMS. Need to create a form in your Craft site? Look no further.

Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Top links from 2018 from the newsletter

As we bid 2018 farewell, let’s look back on what was popular in Craft Link List last year.

The links in the "Tools, tips and fundamentals" section of the newsletter are typically the most popular ones.

Here are the top links from 2018.

  1. The link pointing to the Craft 2.6.3016 changelog detailing how you can turn off optimization for animated GIFS.
  2. The StackExchange post ask "How do you handle SEO on your site?".
  3. The announcement of Sprout SEO plugin for Craft 3.
  4. The link encouraging you to add your own Craft CMS review to G2Crowd.
  5. The Craft documentation page on MAMP with Composer and MySQL on the Command Line.
  6. Made By Shape's updated-for-2018 post on Our 5 favorite Craft CMS plugins.
  7. The course on Learning Composer, the PHP Dependency Manager.
  8. How to get started with SEO in Craft CMS - The original link to this post was on Medium, which now shows a suspended account. I've updated this link to reflect the source change.
  9. New to Craft? 8 Important Lessons I Learned During My First Projects.
  10. Craft CMS 2 and Craft Commerce 1 End of Life Information.

My quick takeaway is that if you want to make a link popular, talk about SEO.

The next issue of the newsletter may introduce a name change to "Craft SEO Link SEO List SEO". Nah...

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