DotSome of DotAll 2018, Craft news, tips, plugins and more.

As I write this from NYC, I see status updates of fellow Craft devs boarding planes leaving Berlin headed back to their homes. DotAll 2018 is a wrap.

If you were unable to attend this years' sold out Craft conference, this issue will give you a glimpse at some of what you missed. We've got slide decks from many of the presentations.

What links can't provide is the opportunity of meeting each other in person and exchanging ideas. The good news is that DotAll will happen again next year in Montreal.

Before diving in, thank you to the sponsors of this issue. Please check them out.

  • Luke Stevens, needs your feedback on an upcoming SEO project.
  • Portal is a new plugin to help you get a better view on your site across devices.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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