Who is Craft CMS for? Plus news, plugins and more.

Once again there's another selection of tips and plugins from the Craft community. Two pieces stand out though. Craft CMS 3 Orientation Guide and Who is Craft for? are worth bookmarking and sharing. Give them a read. The extremely specific PHPStorm tip about language injection was interesting too.

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Who is Craft for? ⭐️

In Slack recently a user asked "what makes the craft technology stack so good compared to other CMS's?" Leslie Camacho, Customer Officer at Pixel & Tonic, shared the following:

For biz people... Craft sits between WordPress and “Enterprise” which is where the majority of agency work comes from. In terms of budgets, Craft is very successful in budgets of $25k - $300k (and there are certainly smaller and larger Craft projects budget wise too). This translates to great work for small to mid-size businesses. Those budgets are real, but not big enough to be interesting to Acquia (makers of Drupal) or Automattic. Neither company is interested in optimizing their CMS's for those budgets/clients. For internal projects this also holds true. Nobody at Automattic or Acquia is directly responsible to you for any bugs or security issues you may encounter. At Craft, we have direct responsibility since we sold you the software. To get the same response from the makers of Drupal or WP, you’re looking at a min $15k/yr spend, more likely around $75k.

This is another way of saying that Craft is made for devs, authors, and designers and not enterprise IT managers or stakeholders that will never touch the CMS. So even though you have similar tech stacks, the use case is different, so the experience using the two is pretty different as well. Craft is always optimized for the people who interact with it on a daily bases.

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