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Hello Crafters. Welcome to another dose of Craft CMS links and more. What's in store in this issue? Craft docs get additional supported languages. Craft 2 and 3 have updates and other news. Plus there are more Craft tips and plugins to fill a lazy summer day. 🌞

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

MessageFormat support in Craft 3

In the Craft Discord, one user pointed out what may "not the most glamorous of all the new features in Craft 3, but MessageFormat support makes translatable strings so much more powerful!"

Craft::t('site', "Sorry, there {numErrors, plural, =1{was an issue} other{were # issues}} submitting your enquiry", [
    'numErrors' => count($this->getErrors()),


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Tip: Getting direct links to messages in Discord ⭐️

Ryan asked about getting direct links to messages in the Craft Discord group. Just enabled "Developer Mode" in the Appearance section of your user settings and then you'll get the option next to each message. You must be signed into Craft Discord to see the message.

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