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This year the official Craft CMS conference heads to Germany. Tickets are on sale now and are discounted until June 15.

Let's cut the suspense right up top. What’s the big secret? It’s the Craft Slack group. If you’re not there yet, sign up. You’ll learn about Craft and connect with your community. 🔑

Do you have a link to submit to a future issue of CLL? Here's how.

Thank you to Dot All and Kualo for sponsoring this issue. ⭐️

Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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About DotAll and hotels

Now that tickets are on sale, there's been some questions in Slack about where to stay for the conference. There’s not an official hotel venue, but, the P&T team is "going to put together a list of hotels that are close to the venue and that are good price points". Secret #2: Check the internet. 🔑

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

A handy snippet for debugging ⭐️

There was a discussion recently on Slack where some expected content wasn't being displayed on a page in a Craft site. A suggestion on solving the issue was just to see what exactly was available in that page's content with the following snippet of code. Be sure to have your devMode turned on to see this info. Handy!

{{ dump(_context|keys) }}
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The Craft Advantage

It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.