Craft CMS News, Plugins & No April Fools Jokes.

Right off the top, this is the April 1 issue of Craft Link List. There are no April Fools pranks in CLL. This is just the Craft CMS goods you come for.

We're just days away from the Craft 3 launch on April 4 and things are looking good. Craft 3 now includes a slick default template file after installation. Plus, did you know purchases in the Craft store are processed on Commerce 2? Yes, things are falling into place.

What else is on tap for this issue? The Craft ID site has received a lot of attention. We've got more plugins making the Craft 3 transition. Plus there are informative posts by your fellow-Crafters. Another full issue awaits.

Thank you to those of you who submitted links to the newsletter at Some links didn’t make it in the issue becaus we don't feature "sites built on Craft" here, at least not yet, but please keep the Craft links coming.

Thank you to fortrabbit for sponsoring this issue!

We've got a lot to cover. Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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The Craft Advantage

Yii, Twig, PHP & More

It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.

SVGs, icons and more

There was an interesting thread about using SVGs as icons on Slack recently. Here are several of the resources mentioned if you want to relive the magic.

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Regarding LinkedIn

The Shoptalk channel in the Craft Slack group is a good place to hang out. As an example, I asked about how people used LinkedIn for their business development. Along with the great discussion, Ben Parizek shared these 2 great Podcast episodes.

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