CLL #60: Craft RC15, plugin announcements, poetry and more.

Every issue of this newsletter starts completely empty. No content whatsoever. Amazingly, the Craft CMS community comes to the rescue every time. As always, thanks to the people who write this amazing stuff. Got a link to share? Send it over.

In this issue we have the latest Craft 3 release, all kinds of plugins, tons of great tips and even a poetic endorsement in The Craft Advantage section below.

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Solspace brings you Calendar 2, now in beta for Craft 3. If you've got events to deal with in Craft 3, check it out in the plugin store.

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Perfecting your technique

PHP Static Analysis Tool tip for Craft

Oliver Stark shared a tip in Slack recently for Craft devs trying to work with PHPStan to validate their code.

In case someone is interested in using PHPStan

configure additional autoloaders in phpstan.neon

    - %currentWorkingDirectory%/vendor/yiisoft/yii2/Yii.php  
    - %currentWorkingDirectory%/vendor/craftcms/cms/src/Craft.php

then in your composer.json define a script alias

"scripts": {  
    "ps": "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse src --level=2 -c phpstan.neon"  

execute it: composer ps

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Plugged In

The Craft Advantage

It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.

Web font generators ⭐️

To generate web fonts from your desktop fonts, there are a several tools to check out.

If you just need to make a custom icon font made up of select SVG, check out Fontello. You can drag and drop your SVGs and magic happens.

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