Lots of links for late February.

We've got another jam-packed issue of Craft Link List. Loads of tips, plugins and videos on how-to get up to speed with Craft 3. Whether you're new to Craft or already well-seasoned, you should find something interesting below.

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Solspace has released Freeform 2 Beta, the form powertool for Craft 2 is now available for Craft 3. Sweet. (It's in your Craft 3 control panel plugin store.)

Peers Conference is coming up shortly in Austin. Get your ticket today and see your friends in April.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Q: In a Craft3 plugin, how do you read from the plugin-specific config file?

A: Craft::$app->getConfig()->getConfigFromFile('your-plugin')

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It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.

Appointment Scheduling Services

A recent discussion of "calendar scheduling service" lead to this list.

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