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We're still a couple months away from the official Craft 3 release date, but the Github Craft repo is already over 1000 stars. Plus we've got a bit of news regarding the next Dot All, coming in September.

The tide seems to be turning here in link-land to favor Craft 3 content as well. Most of the news, tips and plugins have a Craft 3 focus to them. There are still Craft 2 goodies in here, but, thankfully, there is no mention of Craft 4. (Just keep swimming, my friend, we'll get there.)

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Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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When Twig expects a string but you have a variable.

Imagine you are trying to merge a bunch of items into an array and tomorrowDate is a variable, not text. The following Twig would fail.

{% set groupedEventItems = groupedEventItems|merge({ tomorrowDate: eventItem }) %}

How do you get tomorrowDate to be read as a variable and not just text? Use parentheses to make Twig recognize tomorrowDate as a variable, like this:

{% set groupedEventItems = groupedEventItems|merge({ (tomorrowDate): eventItem }) %}

And Jake Dohm also mentioned this "works in other contexts, not just merge, where Twig expects a string and you have a variable."

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