Issue #54: Plugging into Craft 3

Since last issue, Craft 3 RC1 & RC2 have been released along with the built-in Plugin Store. The number of plugins released in such a short time has been amazing. We're well past 100 Craft 3 plugins already. You'll see some of them included in this issue that have come up in Slack discussions recently.

We’ve also got links for getting up to speed on Craft 3, upgrading from Craft 2, tips for making Craft 3 plugins and more. If you’re wanting to get your own plugin listed in the store, there’s a guide for that here as well.

This issue's sponsor is me, hawking Pic Puller for Craft, which is now available for Craft 3 in the plugin store. Check it out if you need your Instagram images in your Craft site. If you want to sponsor a future issue, please drop me a line.

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