Craft Link List #52: The Over-stuffing Issue

Giving that Craft 3 now has an official release date, it's not surprising there would be a bump in the number links about Craft CMS. As proof, this issue is as stuffed with content as possible. The service I use has a 50-links-maximum per issue and we're using every single one of them.

You'll see Fred Carlsen's work pop up here a lot this issue with 10 new Craft 3 plugins. If you like a lot of Craft plugins in your CLL issue, thank him on Slack! ⭐️

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Enough talk. Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Starting a business? Here's some advice. ⭐️

There has been a great on-going discussion in the Craft Slack "shoptalk" channel about starting and maintaining a business. Paulo Elias had a list which he let me share here. Great advice below.

  • Plan for it (your new business): Thinkabout your value-add. Specialize. Drive that home in your messaging when you are starting out.
  • Regardless of your wife [or S.O.], get 6-12 months of living expenses in the bank
  • Network, network, network. I have been working with folks I met 20+ years ago. Conferences were a huge help for me too after my business plateaued in 2010. I was making a decent living in SF but getting out to see like-minded folks and larger agency owners was a huge help at that time
  • Take care of your great clients and ditch problem clients ASAP
  • It's cliché, but just do great work and be easy to work with. Don’t be a pushover but be diplomatic and firm as you partner with your clients (keyword partner)
  • Immediately find a decent accountant and sort out how to best set up your venture. You can end up saving a TON that it is a necessary investment
  • Find ways to productize your services and find another income stream or three that will help bring in passive income without much fuss (hosting, maintenance contracts, dog walking 😉)
  • Partnering with busier agencies who value your work, time, and work/life balance is one of the best things you can do
  • There are many more successful branding, design and marketing agencies out there than we realize who don’t have much (or any) technical chops. They are great clients too.
  • Really understand your monthly expenses. Break everything down to a monthly number. E.G. If you buy Sketch for $99/yr then divide that by 12
  • I prefer to pay for the services and software I use regularly upfront for the year when possible
  • Take time to learn, put your family time first, and plan for vacations. Taking a week a quarter for myself is really a huge anti-burnout trick that learned over time
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