A Craft CMS colloquium + the customary collection of tips & plugins.

We have big news this issue with the announcement of Dot All. It's the official gathering (or, colloquium, if you want to sound fancy) in Portland, Oregon, put on by the makers of Craft CMS. Of course you'd find that announcement in Craft Link List, but Dot All is also sponsoring this issue. (Thanks!)

What else is happening? Craft Commerce is getting lots of attention in the plug-in department. Be sure to check the Pluggerd In section below. There are a few Webpack posts as well in the issue. Webpack is a popular topic in the Craft Slack right now.

The Craft Advantage section has some pieces of interest as well. Seeing how our fellow developers talk about Craft helps each of us hone our pitch to our own clients. Thanks for sharing these. If you post one, please drop me a line about it.

Let's hit the links.


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Logging in your Craft 3 Plugin

If you authored a plugin for Craft 2, you might wonder how to log messages in your Craft 3 plugin. You no longer use a plugin specific logging function, like MyPlugin::log(). Instead rely on these options:

Craft::info() Craft::warning() Craft::trace() and Craft::error()

In Slack, Brandon said, "We dropped support for plugin-specific log files in Craft 3, since we wouldn't be able to include them in the Debug Toolbar's Logs panel (plus the Debug Toolbar makes it easy to filter down to just a specific plugin's logs via the category thing)"

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The Craft Advantage

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