Incoming: Craft 3 beta 20 news, tips, links & more

It's mid-July but Craft is moving at warp speed. There have been 3 releases of Craft 3 and one for Craft 2 since the last isssue. This issue is packed with news on the major Craft 3 beta 20 release, plus posts on upping your dev game, and lots of tips, plugins and more for both Craft 2.x and 3.

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Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Debugging a slow page load.

Andrew Welch offered a tip in Slack on figuring out why a Craft page might be loading slowly. There's no link to share, just the tip itself.

"Usually [the slow loading page is] a result of non-performant SQL queries not plugins.

Whenever you have performance issues, instead of guessing [at the cause], profile. You can start by loading the page with devMode on and looking at the profiling info from the JavaScript console."

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It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.