The newsletter with too many links.

The Craft community is very active. Once again there are a lot of links. I hope this is a good problem, I've been told recently by a few people that Craft Link List is too long.

Sorry if it's overwhelming. This is the short list, edited down from an even greater number gathered since the last issue.

If you're skimming through, here are some of my personal top picks from this issue.

There's plenty more great stuff in the issue though, so I hope are able to stick around and see what the Craft community has to share.

Thank you to Solspace for sponsoring this issue. If you've got a calendar problem to solve in Craft, the Solspace Calendar plugin has got you covered.

Enough talk. Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Top Stories

Craft 3 Plugin Store Licensing Update

The Craft 3 plug-in store have evolved a bit regarding licensing, as Brandon mentioned on Twitter. Your feedback has been helpful.

The FAQ for the Craft 3 plug-in store has also been updated. Be sure to read the How will licensing work? section.

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