It's getting better all the time.

Before we kick off, here's your musical accompaniment for the issue. YouTube deletes these sort of tracks regularly, so perhaps dig out your own copy of the track.

One thing I've noticed recently involves the process of how I find links to include in each issue. I jump into the Craft Slack channel to keep up with what people are talking about regarding Craft and development.

The volume of unread messages each time I log in continues to jump. More discussion around Craft is a great sign for the health of Craft. It also makes for link-filled issues of CLL. I expect the release of Craft 3 to only continue this trend. Fun times ahead for all of us.

If you've got a link to share, be sure to hit me up on Slack or send me an email.

Enough talk. Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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How devMode checking changes in Craft 3

Your friend and mine, devMode, is getting some tweaks in Craft 3 according to Brandon:

craft.config.devMode is how you would [check on devMode inside a template] in in Craft 2, and it is still supported in Craft 3 but it's deprecated (and will be removed in Craft 4).

In Beta 1-8, the new syntax was'devMode'). In Beta 9 we completely removed that syntax and replaced it with

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