Focus on your Craft, Craft 3, that is.

Woot. The Craft 3 beta has landed right as this issue was wrapping. So along with the Craft 2 updates, you've got a whole new major of Craft to get to know.

The Craft community amazes me once again. There are loads of good discoveries below. Each one seems designed to make you better at Craft and development in general.

Thank you to this issue's sponsors.

First up, fortrabbit is back again to let you know about their painless Craft hosting. (And, yes, they're ready for the brand new Craft 3 beta with PHP 7, Composer, ENV var based configs, etc.)

And welcome a new sponsor, Webtexttool and their realtime SEO tool. Tell 'em Craft Link List sent you.

Enough talk. Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Get your Craft 2 & Commerce updates.

Craft 2 got bumped to version 2.6.2959 and Craft Commerce bumped to version 1.2.1334. If you've logged into your sites today, you probably already know that though. Hit that update button. (Make a back for safety.)

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