Craft 3 rumblings.

News of the upcoming Craft 3 beta has been slipping out in Slack. I'd normally just give you links to go check out, but since I can't link to conversations in Slack, here's a quick summary.

Plugin developers will need to do some work to make plugins compatible with Craft 3, but if you're not a plugin developer, it sounds like you won't have to worry about syntax changes in your templates. There may be some tweaks that need to be made, but we'll find that out for sure when the beta is actually here.

Thinking about getting a jump on converting your plugins for Craft 3? Skip the currently live Dev Preview and wait for the actual Beta to come out because "the Beta will come with a big set of new breaking changes," according to Brandon.

There isn't a definitive date for the Craft 3 beta but it seems like it will be soon.

On the newsletter front, I'm happy to have 2 returning sponsors to Craft Link List this issue, fortrabbit and Work With Craft. Please check them out and say CLL sent you!

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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