Santa came early to the Craft community

December is a busy time with wrapping up year-end projects, holiday parties, and just getting ready for travel, family time, and more. With all that on everyone's plate, the volume of great links to share with you this issue surprised me. You all have been busy!

A wealth of the links this issue comes from Andrew at NYStudio107. That man has been a publishing machine this month. Nice work and thank you!

He's not the only one contributing to the Craft community. You'll find a great tips from many others. I will stop naming names here in the intro because I'll leave someone out unintentionally. All the great tips and help you give to other in Slack make the Craft CMS community a great place to be.

Pour yourself an eggnog and let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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PHP config in a macro (aka Another place to store configs)

This isn't a link, but just a comment in Slack from Marion Newlevant that I wanted to include.

I’ve taken to moving my macro configuration into a php config file, and then {% set config = craft.config.get('configValue', 'configFile') %} Makes for a more reusable macro, and more commentable config.

the twig macro loads the php config file instead of {% set config = {…super complicated thing…} %} You put the super complicated thing in php where it is easier to express

craft.config.get('configValue', 'configFile') doesn’t need configFile to be an actual plugin

in /craft/config/configFile.php - and it looks like all the other ones - multiple environments, etc.

Here's an example link from Slack: -- Unfortunately, these links don't have a long shelf life. Get it while you can.

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