What the world needs now, is Craft, sweet Craft.

Hello Crafters.

General news cycle got you down? Let's focus on some good news this week from the world of Craft. (There is also musical accompaniment if you need it.)

From the official Craft CMS site, we learn that Craft Commerce is growing more robust with support of more currencies. Good news. The Pluginfactory is also jumping on the Craft 3 train. Good news.

The Craft Slack group, where most of these links come from, finds many of you at work on your own cool Craft projects and sharing resources with each other. More good news.

Also, please welcome a new sponsor of CLL. Work With Craft connects Craft developers and businesses who love (and need) them. A big thanks to Work With Craft! Things are looking up already!

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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