Craft 3 coming into focus.

We've had 3 Craft 3 version releases since last issue. We're now at version 3.0.2937. We're getting Multi-site support. Nice.

There are a number of plugins, and other stories to check out including a number of links that come from a Slack discussion regarding HTML sent from Craft.

If you've got a link to share with me, be sure to get in touch. Want to sponsor an issue? By all means, get in touch. :-)

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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Why "Craft::$app" in Craft 3.

If you're wondering about Craft 3's use of Craft::$app, Brandon mentioned this in Slack on Sept 12.

...the reason Craft 3 does Craft::$app instead of craft() is namespaces. In Craft 2 everything was in the Craft namespace so we could just put the craft() function in there and everything could access it. But with everything in its own namespaces in Craft 3, that wouldn't be the case. PHP didn't make it possible to import a function from a different namespace until 5.6, and originally Yii 2/Craft 3 supported back to 5.4. Yii 2.1 is going to require 5.6 though, and we've already bumped Craft's requirement to 5.6 in preparation of that, so it's doable now.

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The Stack Exchange Zero Hangout

Ben Parizek announced a new ephemeral Craft resource last week, The Stack Exchange Zero Hangout. Sort of the Snapchat version of the Straight Up Hangouts you may be used to.

"These hangouts will not be publicly recorded events, they will just be Google Hangouts focused on answering questions on Stack Exchange and learning together during that process. If you’d like to join, just click on the hangout link when it becomes active at 11am PT [on Fridays]."

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