Cheers, august Crafters.

The Craft CMS world doesn't take a break, even in August. We've got more links and news than I expected to kick off the month. Here's an overview.

The job board site for Craft CMS, Work With Craft has officially launched.

Pixel and Tonic sent it's EE add-ons to live on a farm where they can frolic in the sun. Ok, that farm is EE Harbor, so they're in good hands.

Unfortunately, Craftini, the online conference that was scheduled for this month, has been canceled. Although it didn't generate enough early registrations to get it off the ground this year, a big thanks to Bryan Redeagle for effort put behind the effort anyway.

Also, If you're interested in learning some advanced Twig techniques, Flexible Twig Templates in Craft was released last month and Mijingo has a $10 coupon code for Craft Link List readers in the Top Stories section.

But that's not all. Craft Link List continues to grow along with the entire Craft community. Thanks for subscribing. I appreciate it.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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