Word of the month: Eager

Last month eager loading came to Craft with version 2.6.2771. A quick definition of an eager-loading request is a request for one type of entity that also loads some related entities along with the same request which can help make your templates more efficient in some cases. If you're interested in that, be sure to check out the recording of the Straight Up Hangout on the topic in Top Stories below.

You'll notice a lack of plugins in this issue, except for one that is eager-loading-specific and a funny one since today is April Fools Day. This issue's lack of plugins means we're set for another mid-month plug-in issue in a couple of weeks.

A big thank you to Fortrabbit who is back sponsoring this issue. If cool things like using git to deploy your site appeal to you, check them out. Tell them Craft Link List sent you.

Enough talk. Let's hit the links.


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