Craft 3.6 RC1, securing Craft assets, PHP 8 caution, and updates-a-go-go.

Hello again. Welcome to issue 125 of Craft Link List. This issue comes to you as the Thanksgiving holiday 🦃ends in the US. That might account for a fewer number of Craft-specific links in this issue, but there are still exciting things we'll cover that a Craft developer might find interesting.

Craft 3.6 RC1 is the top story in this issue. PHP 8 is another important update happening now, but when it comes to Craft + PHP 8, proceed with caution for the time being. Sprig has recently received an update, and there's news on the Let's Encrypt API. Also look for Chris Chapman‘s post on securing assets in Craft.

Thank you to the sponsors of this issue.

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Freeform 3.9 includes new Update Notices that alert you to updates to Freeform features you're using, critical security warnings, and even API integration changes to keep your site humming.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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