extendsConf begins, Craft CMS tips, Craft plugins, Vue 3, webpack 5, and more

Welcome to another Craft Link List. Let's jump right into the links.

The top story in this issue is time-sensitive. Tomorrow is the extendsConf. It's online, free, and it's about Craft. The rest of the issue is packed with more great links on Craft CMS with tips, plugins, and other webdev topics. There's no overarching theme, but I hope you come away learning something new.

I want to thank the sponsors of this issue.

Blitz Plugin, from Put Your Lights On, makes setting up static-caching for your Craft site a breeze with a simple, two-step process. Find out more about Blitz.

Freeform, from Solspace, is the intuitive form builder for Craft CMS informed by 4+ years of development and refinement. Learn about the power of Freeform.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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