The past and the future of #CraftCMS, loads of Craft tips, plugins, and more.

Hello Craft friends. I hope this finds you doing well. We've got another collection of interesting posts. I haven't said it recently, but this is due to people just like you creating and sharing great tips, posts and plugins for Craft. Do you have something to share with the Craft community? Head over to the link submission page.

This issue starts with the present and near-future of Craft with Brandon and Leah on devMode. We’ll look further into the future with milestones for Craft 5. In the title of the issue I hinted at "the past"; that was my attempt at being clever with the Craft docs now getting a changelog, which will be helpful as the docs continue to grow and evolve.

We've also got Ben Croker on devMode talking about Sprig and cool things it enables you to do in your Twig templates. There's a new Craft Coding Challenge, and, as usual, there are Craft tips, plugins, and other webdev goodies.

Thank you to the sponsors of this issue.

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Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

3 Craft tips from Piotr

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Organizing Fields

Lindsey Diloreto shared a control panel organizational tip recently. If you've organized your fields by section and still lost track of them in a large site, Lindsey suggested organizing them by the type of field instead. He suggested that this organization also "sheds some light on how the fields can be reasonably reused." 😮

Lindsey told me that this tip originated in some past DotAll presentation - cheers to whoever that person was! 🍺

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Jason Lee wants to help you...

Jason shared this very specific tip on Discord. It's definitely going to help someone sometime somewhere.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but for the person searching this thread for keywords phpSessionName or CraftSessionId or phpsession:

Your session cookie isn't getting set because your php session.save_handler and/or session.save_path are wrong. Could mean they are set to redis and you don't have redis installed, for example.

See Andrew's The Case of the Missing PHP Session for more info.

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Perfecting your technique


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The Craft Advantage


It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.