Updating to 3.5, the release schedule, Nitro 1.0, and more.

Hello, Craft friends. Welcome to another issue of Craft Link List. This issue covers a lot of topics specific to Craft 3.5: upgrading tips, new features, and more. What else is in store for issue 118? Nitro has been officially released. Piort has an email templating solution to share. Plus, there are other Craft tips, plugins, and web dev goodies.

If you've been a CLL reader for a while, you may know each issue has two sponsors that help keep this newsletter going. For the first time, both sponsors have plugins that overlap in what they offer. I view this as a sign of a vibrant Craft ecosystem. Thank you to both sponsors.

Formie: Client-focused forms plugin for Craft. Learn more.

Freeform: Effortlessly build beautiful forms in minutes. Learn more.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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The page builder dilemma

Last week there was a great discussion on the topic of clients and designers wanting "page builder" style control within their CMS, whether that was Craft, WordPress, something else. If you're a member of the Craft Discord, you can catch up by starting here. If that link gives you trouble, go to the #general channel on August 13, 2020, and look for "create a large number of bespoke pages with different layouts".

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