Craft 3.5 RC1, exploit mitigation guides, tips, and more.

Hello, Craft friends. Welcome to another issue of Craft Link List.

The big news of this issue is that we’ve reached the Craft 3.5 release candidate stage.

What else do we have? Two more takes on the SEOmatic exploit from trusted hosting providers. The first info came from Arcustech, an official Craft CMS hosting partner shared in Discord and then compiled into a guide. This issue includes links to information from both fortrabbit and Servd. We've also got 3.4.29, the latest production release, several Craft tips, plugins, and lots of miscellaneous cool dev stuff.

Thanks to the sponsors of this issue.

Retour from nystudio107 helps you maintain the SEO of your links even when the URL changes.

Freeform from Solspace makes form-building easy, from basic to complex.

Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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