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Hello Craft friends. I hope this newsletter finds you doing well.

The Craft CMS community is a remote-working one already, so we're more likely to be prepared for the virus-lockdown than many people are. This is still difficult, and we're in this together.

Head over to the Craft Discord group is a great place to commiserate. Check out the #random channel, a place to simply check-in with other members of the Craft community, even if it's not Craft-related. Say hello. Ask advice. Offer an ear to someone. Funny GIFs are also welcome.

If you've got work-related topics, #shoptalk would be an excellent place to hang out. See how others are dealing with the "this-is-our-new-normal" working life.

In this issue, we've got another batch of great Craft, and web dev links lined up. I hope you find something here that offers a welcome distraction or inspiration for learning something new.

Thanks to Solspace for sponsoring this issue.

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Let's hit the links.

-John Morton

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