Craft 3.4 & Commerce 3 RCs, Dot One Tix, loads of Craft tips

Welcome to another issue of Craft Link List. Are you surprised that you’re receiving this on Jan 21? If case you missed the announcement, CLL now publishes on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month instead of specific dates. No more weekend issues!

We kick off the issue with the release candidates for Craft 3.4 and Commerce 3. DotOne is also on the horizon. There are lots of great tips and plugins as well.

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Using a subdirectory for Craft

A question came up on Discord recently about using a subdirectory to contain Craft app files. In this instance, the hosting company only allowed uploading files to the public directory, which meant the traditional home for the Craft application files, one level above the publicly facing directory, wasn't possible. Craft CMS expects its app files, as seen in this link, to be one level above the public folder.

Brandon shared the following steps for dealing with this situation.

  1. Rename web/ to public_html/ (i.e. the directory that is typically publicly viewable in a Craft site)
  2. Move all the Craft files/folders that live alongside public_html/ into a folder inside public_html/ (i.e. public_html/craft/...)
  3. Assuming this is Apache, create a .htaccess file inside that folder (public_html/craft/.htaccess) with this content: Deny from all
  4. Change this line ( in public_html/index.php to:
define('CRAFT_BASE_PATH', __DIR__ . '/craft');
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Perfecting your technique


Plugged In

The Craft Advantage


It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.