Issue 100: Another collection of Craft CMS tips, plugins, and more.

Welcome to the 100th issue of Craft Link List.

100 issues? How did that happen? It happened because Craft developers, like you, share what you know with the rest of us. Thank you! As always, if you’ve got a Craft-related link to share, visit the submit page.

Issue 100 is a potpourri, a regular issue filled with Craft CMS tips, plugins, and other web dev links. Calling it “regular” doesn't mean there aren't great things in store, though! Whether your into the JAMstack or Twig, I think you’ll find something interesting.

Thank you to this issue’s sponsors. They keep the lights on here. Speaking of lights...

Put Your Lights On is known for top-notch plugins, like Blitz. You can also look to PYLO for one-on-one training to super-charge your Craft skills.

Freeform by Solspace is the powerful form builder for Craft CMS. It’s also 25% off until November 30 with the coupon code Freeform25.

Let’s hit the links.

-John Morton

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Tools, tips, and fundamentals

Override system live with your .env file

In Discord, @benface shared this snippet for your general.php config file. It will allow you to set your site to "live" via your .env file, giving you control of that setting by simply editing a text file.

isSystemLive' => (bool)getenv('IS_SYSTEM_LIVE'),
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RegEx tools

On Discord, RegEx tools came up. Here are a few options that came up.

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Perfecting your technique


Plugged In

The Craft Advantage

Yii, Twig, PHP & More


It’s not Craft, but it’s interesting.

Scrolling and animation resources

Looking to trigger animations by scroll position? Here are a few libraries mentioned in a recent discussion on Discord.

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